Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Morning Shenanigans

I have wanted empinadas for some time now - a few weeks or so, and saw a great recipe on the blog "The Bitten Word" - those guys cook up some great stuff - for pork empinadas with thyme - and I thought to myself that well, I have some leftover pork, and some leftover scalloped potatoes and some generic pie crust dough in the fridge - well... let's see what I can do.

Really no measurements, no way to tell how much I used. Maybe about 2 cups of leftover pork loin that was stuffed with bacon & some herbs with some yummy pork gravy started out with the brown gravy like I make for the meatloaf, then added the pork juices, and some white wine. i shredded all that up with two forks. Easy. The I used maybe one cup of leftover Scalloped potatoes and onion with swiss cheese & cream - and cooked it all together.

So far, so good. while thats working, I rolled out the Safeway brand pie crust a little thinner and used a 2" round cutter - by the way 1 refrigerated pie crust makes 22 2" rounds, in case anyone needed to know.  

Then about a tablespoon of the mixture on each one and fold them over.

In the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes and viola! empanadas. Had a bunch of mixture left over - now in the freezer. Could have made more with the other pie crust, but I think I'll make a quiche tomorrow. If I do use the rest of the mixture for more empinadas, I think I'd add about half a can of diced tomatoes. They were tasty, but a bit dry. I think the tomatoes would make them perfect!

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